5 Romantic Ceramic Ideas

5 Romantic ceramic Ideas

10 things that technically, you need to know today.

Hello!, tech news that you want to start your week.

1. the Imgur website share photos confirmed that this hack that occurred in the year kakoek yonhat modules via hash, 2557 1.7 million as well as an email address, but these are still relatively small numbers compared to the Imgur's 150 million people around the world.

2. the FBI reports that Russia knows hackers are targeting the personal email accounts, United States officials but failed to alert. Senior policymakers have seemed unaffected. Too, but only after a review found related news.

3. the new study by Chainalysis found that 17% and 23% of bitcoins dig is lost forever, estimated at around 1 million (around 6%) of bitcoins dug by anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto.

4. the new study performed By Purdue found that day at 148 of Pokemon to exit 286 more car crashes that occurred in Indiana, compared with the period before. In addition, half of those that occur in the proximity of pokéstops.

5. sales and ecommerce sales see adobe adding larger during Thanksgiving to 2.87 billion (£2.15 billion) marked a 18.3% increase than last year, with 46% of website traffic comes from smartphones, all.

Securities analysts said Kuo Ming-chi, the company in the last note that investors have problems producing the afflicted more than X results for iPhone smartphones, Apple's flagship reports that Foxconn's manufacturing needs, until the 450-550k units per month, opposite the 50-150 unit k first two months.

7. the Niantic developers behind "Pokemon raised $200 million (150 million pounds) in a series B round of investment money mostly by spark capital, will take the time to update all of Niantic try augmented reality on matters related to the Harry Potter.

8. the Yandex search engine frequently used of Russia. Change how the website according to the laws of the State of new. The new rules, site search program is responsible for the content they link so Yandex decided to source most of the State received permission from.

9. the Munich will use approximately 50 million euros (44.7 million pounds) to switch the full City Council, which in the past 10 as Windows rely on Linux to roll out Microsoft's operating system to more than 29,000 PCs from the year 2020 to 2023.

10. an analysis of net neutrality comments made by Jeff information scientist, he revealed that 1 million cancel Pro rahen chances are counterfeit. Scientists use natural language processing techniques, and also found that 99% of the organic trend has supported keeping the existing rules.



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